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Make The Most of Social Media During Lockdown

7th February 2021

Social media is the most powerful form of free marketing in the digital marketing industry, but you don’t need complex qualifications or detailed insight to make it work for your business during lockdown 3.0.

The hashtags #Food and #FoodPorn have been used over 500 MILLION times, this tells us people don’t just love eating food, but sharing it across social media is continuing to increase in popularity.

We’re here to offer some helpful tips to help you keep your customers engaged and increase your online presence despite your doors being shut.

Set the goal

Whether you want to keep your customers up-to-date with what you are doing during lockdown or remind them of your delicious menu / offerings, setting a goal is important when putting time into your business’ social media.

For example, your goals could be:

Inspire / teach customers to try cooking my dishes at home
Help customers learn more about my business
Share my experience of lockdown and what I am doing

It will help you focus on your messaging and inspire what you will share on a daily basis…

Share to your hearts content

… that’s right, a daily basis! No content is too little, even retweeting something which takes less than 30 seconds will help keep your social media fresh! What you can share is endless; teasing new dishes, introducing your staff members, sharing your menu, the opportunities are vast! But don’t forget the crucials, let your customers know where they can get more information or your location, so you are more likely to see a return on your investment of time.

Engage with others

Treat social media as a new community or circle of friends, follow people similar to you and engage with customers that show you the love! This doesn’t only just help your presence but allows you to add some personality to your social media accounts. For example, if a customer tags you in a photo of a dish they have created, simply replying with your opinion or advice is a great mean of engagement.

Don't be camera shy

We’ve all seen some of the beautiful images shared across social media; incredible lighting, vibrant colours and impeccable styling… but don’t be fooled! A majority of social media content is produced organically using a mobile phone, phone cameras are continuing to deliver technology to allow everyone to take beautiful photos. Platforms like Instagram allow you to adjust the lighting, sharpness and contrast in the blink of an eye without any need for complicated software’s.

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