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Making homeschooling and eating well less of a balancing act

10th February 2021

Over the past month, is has become more clear than ever that homeschooling and eating well take time. Let’s be real, preparing three healthy meals each day whilst trying to educate your child is a balancing act - but have you thought about combining the two? Many professional chefs have been encouraging parents to make time to train children in the kitchen as it’s an important part of their education. We’ve combined our top tips to make mid-week meals that little bit easier below!

1) Menu planning  

Plan your meals before you go food shopping and get your child's input about what they’d like to eat - this way they will be more inclined to enjoy the food! Score! 

2) Allocate time for “food technology” as part of your weekly homeschooling timetable 

There is no need to allocate time to cook every single day. We recommend batch cooking a couple of meals at the start of the week, this way you’ll have something ready to pop in the oven on those busy days. On the days that allow a little more time, we recommend getting your children involved in the making of fresh sandwiches or other light lunch options. Our range of Street Food Chef Seasonings provide a great way to educate your child about global flavours and cuisines!
3) Involve your children in the cooking process as much as possible 
Let your children help you with any age-appropriate tasks. As well as ticking chores off your list, this is also great for your child’s food education. Encourage them to help you with washing vegetables, stirring, collecting ingredients from the fridge and the all important task of tidying up! 

4) Keep things simple 

Life can be pretty intense, particularly at the moment so we suggest keeping things as simple as possible, this doesn’t mean unhealthy snacks. With the help of our stocks, seasonings and sauce bases, plus a few additional ingredients, we can help you make a selection of well-balanced dishes, giving you and your children the energy and focus to take on each day. 

Our team of chefs (and parents!) have picked out a range of recipes below, all full of nutrients (some of which can be prepared in advance), making those mid-week meals that little bit easier!

Tacos De Gambas - view the full recipe here

Tacos De Gambas

Turkey, Spinach, Avocado and Cream Cheese Quesadillas - view the full recipe here

Turkey, Spinach, Avocado and Cream Cheese Quesadillas

Spaghetti Vegannese - view the full recipe here

Spaghetti Vegannese

Chermoula Spiced Chicken Wraps - view the full recipe here

Chermoula Spiced Chicken Wraps

Chicken and Chorizo Paella - view the full recipe here

Chicken and Chorizo Paella

South Indian Crab Cakes - view the full recipe here

South Indian Crab Cakes

Sweet Potato Soup - view the full recipe here

Sweet Potato Soup

Want to get your hands on our gluten free range of stocks, gravies and sauce bases? Visit HB Ingredients, Sous ChefInfusions or Lakeland

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