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Korean Beef Short Rib
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Korean Beef Short Rib

Korean Beef Short Rib
COOKING TIME: 4 hrs 15
WARNING: Please ALWAYS check the allergens on the packaging of any other ingredients you use to make our recipes.


2kg Beef Short Rib
30g Gochujang Paste
30g Soy Sauce                          
45g Honey
105g Sugar
15g Black Rice Vinegar
30g Essential Cuisine Asian Miso Base
45g Water

Fermented Daikon
350g Daikin Radish
150g Spring Onion
9g Salt
2x Tomatoes

Salsa Macha
100g Toasted Pumpkin Seeds
40g Dried Chipotle Chillies
40g Dried Ancho Chillies
200g Rapeseed Oil
5g Cider Vinegar
2g Salt
2g Sugar
5g Garlic

200g Cornbread - Crumbed and Dried
30g Toasted Pumpkin Seeds
30g Toasted Sunflower Seeds
20g Nigella Seeds
15g Poppy Seeds
10g Nori Seaweed Flakes
5g Smoked Paprika
5g Paprika
2g Chilli Powder
3g Salt
4x Baby Gem Lettuces


1. Beef – Trim the short rib of any excess fat and set aside. Add all the beef glaze ingredients to a pan bring to a simmer, mixing and set aside to cool.

2. Place the short rib in a sous vide bag with half of the glaze, seal and cook in a water bath 70°C for 16 hours. Chill and refrigerate until needed.

3. Fermented Daikon - Peel and grate the daikon/mooli and finely slice the spring onions. Mix in the salt and place in an airtight container (fermentation takes 4-5 days ambient). Once fermented, deseed, and dice the tomato and mix through the ferment.

4. Salsa Matcha - Place the toasted pumpkin seeds and oil in a blend until smooth. Add to a pan with all the other salsa matcha ingredients. Bring to a simmer and allow to cool slightly. Set aside until needed.

5. Mix all the Togorashi ingredients together and set aside.

6. Split the baby gems into larger outer leaves and smaller hearts and wash. Take the hearts, split in half and char on a grill or with a blow torch and finish in the oven. Shred down once cool.

7. Take the beef out of the bag. Remove from the bone and then slice ½ cm thick. Lay on a tray and brush with more glaze. Place under a hot grill until sticky and hot.

8. To serve place the washed leaves on a large plate. Add some of the charred lettuce in the base followed by the daikon ferment. Add the slices of beef and top with the Togorashi crumb. Drizzle a bit more glaze over the beef.

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Asian Miso Base

Asian Miso Base

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