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Bulgogi Bibimbap

Bulgogi Bibimbap
PREP TIME: 1 hr 20
WARNING: Please ALWAYS check the allergens on the packaging of any other ingredients you use to make our recipes.


1kg cooked warm jasmine rice

200g cooked beansprouts

200g carrot, peeled & julienned

100g crispy nori bites

200g garlic & soy spinach

10 fried eggs

200g kimchi Miso mushrooms

300g oyster mushrooms, torn

10g Essential Cuisine Asian Miso Base

20g sesame oil

Steak bulgogi

300g ribeye steak, thinly sliced

30g pear, peeled & cored

25g onion, peeled & chopped

10g garlic, peeled & sliced

7g ginger, peeled & sliced

10ml light soy sauce

10ml sesame oil


1. Place all the steak bulgogi ingredients apart from the steak in a blender and blitz until smooth, pour over the steak and leave to marinate for 1 hour.

2. Place 2 frying pans over a high heat. Add the steak to 1 and the mushrooms with the oil in the other, before adding the Essential Cuisine Asian Miso Base. Fry both for 5 minutes until cooked and browned.

3. Put the rice in the bottom of each bowl, place the fried egg on top and in the middle. Arrange the other vegetables & steak around the egg.

4. Serve.

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Asian Miso Base

Asian Miso Base

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