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Nutrisis Thickener is designed to adapt the texture of meals for nutritional requirements in the event of swallowing (dysphagia), chewing disorders and/or risks of aspiration. It helps make smooth, even and lump-free blended textures.

Easy to use

Add the thickening powder to your chosen ingredients and blend.

Adjust the consistency as required

If the desired consistency isn’t achieved, simply add more product and blend until satisfied. To liquefy the mixture just add water or milk.

Stable and instant texture

Helps to make smooth, even and lump-free dishes in the event of swallowing (dysphagia), chewing disorders and/or risks of aspiration.

Texturise your whole menu

For all meal applications, hot or cold, sweet or savoury.

One menu for all!

Offer the same menu to all patients: simply blend elements of the dish for those suffering from swallowing disorders and simply add Nutrisis Thickener as required.

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