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It is increasingly reported that the hospitality sector is suffering a skills shortage, with less students and apprentices making their way into and staying in the industry. That’s why our team of passionate chefs dedicate time to work with catering students, passing on valuable culinary knowledge and skills. We aim to bring the working kitchen to life and make it something to aspire to be a part of. As we come out of the pandemic, Essential Cuisine are proud to continue supplying valuable knowledge and support to colleges, their lecturers and students with kitchen takeovers, digital demonstrations and lesson tools.


  • Knowledge from professional chefs with over 200 years’ combined experience
  • Tailored presentations for your college and students needs
  • Demonstrations packed with culinary knowledge
  • Introduction to a leading UK ingredient supplier
  • Motivating and inspiring the next generation of chefs
  • Knife skills
  • Kitchen Hygiene
  • Wholesalers, Budgeting and Costing
  • Chocolate Workshop
  • Fire cooking and outdoor dining

Sharing over 200
years’ worth of

Our team of professional chefs understand the pressures of a working kitchen. With a combined service of over 200 years, we know how important a skilled brigade is to ensure service runs smoothly. Established in 1995, Essential Cuisine’s vision is to ‘champion working kitchens’, supporting the next generation of trainee and professional chefs in creating dishes that enhance skills and reputation.


We’re proud to support you...

Kitchen Takeovers

Kitchen Takeovers

During an Essential Cuisine kitchen takeover, our team of chefs work with you and your students to put on a 3 course lunch within your facilities. The students will learn a variety of invaluable skills as well as work with guest chefs in their own environment to serve the public.

Interactive Demonstrations

Interactive Demonstrations

Our interactive demonstrations educates the difference in quality, cost and benefits between homemade and Essential Cuisine made stocks, jus, gravy and glaces in an engaging and practical way.

Getting to know Team Essential

Getting to know Team Essential

We have a selection of activities that introduce Essential Cuisine and the way we like to do business, as well as our product ranges. Using our website and social media channels as research tools, it encourages students to enhance their research skills.

Tailored to you

Our team of chefs can tailor all presentations to your college and students needs in terms of timings, products used or any other factor that you need to take into account to give the best all round learning experience. Our team are always here to help you and your needs. Our experience combined with a passion for supporting the next generation of chefs helps us deliver inspiring sessions that you will be proud to be a part of.


We are proud to share the ‘Essential Skills Series’, downloadable video demonstrations from professional chefs across the industry. From knife skills to kitchen hygiene and much more, it is designed to teach and inspire the next generation of chefs, providing valuable skills and knowledge.

Featuring some of the best manufacturers, wholesalers and chef teams in the industry, the series will initially launch with 10 interactive videos with more to be added each week.

Interested in gaining access to the series? Contact [email protected]

Latest sector news...

Essential Cuisine support chefs with brand new skills series10th September 2021The effects of COVID-19 on the foodservice industry have been unprecedented, with no aspect being left unchanged. Foodservice manufacturer, Essential Cuisine have been committed to supporting chefs throughout the pandemic with regular conversations and collaborative working.READ MORE >This summers must have range – Street Food Chef Seasonings21st May 2021Immerse yourself in foreign culture and cuisine with our range of authentic, street food inspired seasonings. Our team of talented chefs have recreated six of the world’s most distinctive flavour profiles, bringing a sense of adventure from our kitchen to yours. Explore the fresh flavours of southern India, travel to North Africa with ‘zesty’ chermoula or create flavoursome Iranian dishes with ‘spicy’ Persian. With the option to add these versatile seasonings at any stage of the cooking process, the recipe applications are endless.READ MORE >Celebrating ‘Plant Based Week’ with Public Sector Catering19th May 2021The demand for plant-based meals is increasing as more people adopt a 'flexitarian' approach to eating. There is evidence that both vegetarianism and veganism are gaining in popularity too, and all these changes are being driven by concerns about health, the environment and animal welfare. Caterers across the foodservice industry are having to respond to this demand from their customers while continuing to meet nutritional standards and provide a balanced diet that includes meat and dairy.READ MORE >‘Wings and Things’, another delicious recipe series from Essential Cuisine18th May 2021The street food market in the UK has seen huge growth in recent years, surpassing the fast-food industry with an estimated total value of £1.2 billion in 2020. Like no other industry, the street food scene continues to change and evolve. We are here to continue inspiring your offerings with global influences. Below, we are sharing our new ‘Wings and Things’ concept in hope to inject some flavour-packed hand-held options into your menu.READ MORE >We’re Supporting National Vegetarian Week, Are You?10th May 2021Today (May 10th ) marks the start of National Vegetarian Week! This year is pinned by the ‘Veggie 123 Challenge’, encouraging everyone to nominate two people to embrace vegetarianism for 7 days. According to BritishCouncil.org, 5.7% of the British population is vegetarian, that’s three million vegetarians across the UK. This figure continues to grow year on year, demonstrating the importance of having plant-based offerings on your menu.READ MORE > Essential Cuisine Supports Coeliac Awareness Week6th May 2021May 10th marks the start of the annual Coeliac UK’s Awareness Week. This years focus for the campaign is creating new opportunities for earlier diagnosis of coeliac disease in children, but overall to increase awareness of the disease using the social media hashtag #ShineALightOnCoeliac.READ MORE >Celebrating British Beef Week22nd April 2021Starting tomorrow (23rd April 2021), this year is set to have a particular focus on the beef industries sustainability and environmental credentials. Figures show that UK beef production boasts a carbon footprint of just less than half the global average. Jilly Greed, who co-founded Ladies in Beef with NFU president Minette Batters, said the food industry was “constantly evolving”. "This year we wanted to demonstrate how the beef sector is progressive and wanted to demonstrate its environmental sustainability credentials.READ MORE >The Future of the Roast Dinner21st April 2021It is no surprise that us Brits love our roast dinners, in fact according to research by Kantar, roasts were consumed a whopping 1.28 billion times in 2019. So what is the driving force behind this much loved classic and how are chefs going to keep their offerings fresh in years to come?READ MORE >Tacos For Everyone - Our Top 10 Taco Recipes!6th April 2021Whether you are looking to expand your current street food offerings or introduce global influences to your menu, tacos are a great option this spring / summer! The filling combinations are endless, let us inspire your creativity with our top 10 taco recipes… all developed in-house by our talented development chefs.READ MORE >Are you ready for British Pie Week?26th February 2021British Pie Week is upon us, commencing on March 1st for seven days. As a fully-fledged nation of pie lovers, it’s a fun awareness week to get behind. With so many great recipes available, it just falls to you to decide what kind of pie to put on your menu! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a good ole’ traditional British pie; Meat and Potato, Steak, Cheese and Onion, Chicken and Mushroom, the fillings are endless yet all so tasty. We’ve listed some of our most flavoursome recipes below in hope to inspire your menu.READ MORE >


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