The Sauce Collection

Our new British-made collection of concentrated sauce bases helps chefs keep creativity in the kitchen, whilst offering the consistency and speed of a pre-prepared ingredient.

Product Benefits

  • Versatile sauces that can be used as a traditional pour over sauce or as a key ingredient in a wide range of recipes
  • Makes 50 generous 100ml sauce servings per jar
  • Better value for money than both scratch-made and ready-to-use equivalents
  • Big savings on dairy – use 25% less cream versus a scratch-made sauce
  • Cooking process allows for chefs to personalise the sauce with additional ingredients as they wish
  • Ambient storage and long shelf life, even once opened (12 months)
  • Freeze-thaw stable when made with fresh double cream
  • Prepare in under 8 minutes
  • Gluten Free
  • Made in the UK

Make the most of highly profitable sauce accompaniments on your menu!

Restaurants are charging an average £2 per serving of steak sauce*

Diners’ top three favourite sauces to accompany steak are…

1st Peppercorn Sauce, 2nd Wild Mushroom Sauce, 3rd Red Wine Jus ^


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*Menu price analysis, based on 19 UK restaurant chains, November 2017. +Profit calculation based on wholesaler RRP of 800g jar = £22, wholesaler RRP of 600ml double cream = £2 and each 100ml sauce serving sold for £2 (minus VAT at 20%= £1.67). Total profit = £59.50 per jar. ^Independent online research, 300 consumers, November 2017.