Stock Mixes

Stocks (often mistakenly called bouillons) are one of the cornerstones of a good kitchen, they are a key ingredient in your recipe, the heart and soul, delivering depth and balance of flavour in the final dish. So make sure your stock delivers on taste!

Product Benefits

  • Taste just like traditionally made stocks.
  • Clear appearance, with appropriate levels of seasoning (typically 0.56g of salt per 100 ml of stock)
  • Gluten Free
  • Simple and easy to use – the powder stocks dissolve instantly to make a stock; or add them direct to your cooking; or use them to boost your stockpot
  • We don’t use any GM ingredients, hydrogenated oils, preservatives or MSG
  • Long ambient shelf life
  • Superior yield – use at just 12 – 20g per litre
  • Colour coded packaging for easy recognition in a busy kitchen (and the pots are great for mise en place!)
  • Low level of fat, just like your own stocks per 100g sold

Taste Test

For the best indication of quality, do the simple taste test.

Compare stocks diluted in hot water at the recommended dosage. Don’t accept a stock tasting when the stock is hidden in a finished dish. Compare the appearance, taste, mouth-feel, and aftertaste.

Value Comparison

Stocks are a staple ingredient in your cooking, so you should always use the best tasting stocks you can find.

You can buy stocks/bouillons at any price level, but be sure to compare quality and yield:

A good indication of quality is the ingredient list which will show the main ingredient first. Lower quality stocks will have less stock in them, relying on flavour enhancers (eg MSG) and salt to boost the taste. You can buy a cheap stock – but is it really worth risking the meal for a couple of pence?

The yield is the number of litres produced by the pot, enabling you to calculate cost per litre. Always compare the stated yield with the actual yield. In practice you will need a greater concentration of a lower quality stock in trying to deliver the flavour you seek.


Use the samples to compare against your stockpot and other manufactured stocks/bouillons.


You can do the following with these products:

  • Blend
  • Braise
  • Dust
  • Pané
  • Poach
  • Rub
  • Season