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The Future of the Roast Dinner

21st April 2021

It is no surprise that us Brits love our roast dinners, in fact according to research by Kantar, roasts were consumed a whopping 1.28 billion times in 2019. So what is the driving force behind this much loved classic and how are chefs going to keep their offerings fresh in years to come?

A healthy option?

Recent studies by Kantar reported that ‘health’ was a consideration in 26.1 million roast occasions, up 1.1% on the previous year. Consumers are notably opting for roast chicken or turkey when it comes to meat and demanding alternatives to ‘traditional’ vegetables with the consumption of peppers seeing the biggest growth (27%). 

Alternative side options for your roasts:

Boulangere Potatoes - view the full recipe here

Boulangere Potatoes

Spice Roasted Kale - view the full recipe here

Spice Roasted Kale

Braised Red Cabbage - view the full recipe here

Braised Red Cabbage

Vegan and vegetarian alternatives?

Campaigns such as Veganuary and Meat-Free Monday are having an impact on roast dinners. An April 2019 report by Mintel found that 28% of meat-eaters had reduced their meat consumption in the previous six months. Health was the main reason, followed by weight loss, animal welfare and the environment.

Inspiration for your vegan / vegetarian roast:

Beetroot and Squash Wellington - view the full recipe here

Beetroot and Squash Wellington

Whole Roasted Chermoula Cauliflower - view the full recipe here

Whole Roasted Chermoula Cauliflower

Whole Stuffed Butternut Squash - view the full recipe here

Whole Stuffed Butternut Squash

Global influences?

Research from online restaurant reservation service, Bookatable has revealed that diners are no longer indulging in classic meals as often when dining out, but instead choosing more contemporary options with global influences.

Roast dinner options, all inspired by global flavours:

Asian Aromatic BBQ Flank Steak - view the full recipe here

Asian Aromatic BBQ Flank Steak

Balinese Spiced Pork Loin - view the full recipe here

Balinese Spiced Pork Loin

BBQ Persian Lamb Chops - view the full recipe here

BBQ Persian Lamb Chops

Local and hyper local sources?

Roasts are anticipated to have a makeover, with more ingredients coming from local and hyper-local sources, featuring better quality meat and seasonal veggies. Together with Love British Food, we work tirelessly to promote the benefits of sourcing local, seasonal produce. If you do source locally, remember to include this information on your menu, consumers love to know the provenance of their food.

Some seasonal recipes to inspire you this April:

Turnip Mash with Greens, Caramelised Onions and Feta - view the full recipe here

Turnip Mash with Greens, Caramelised Onions and Feta

Rack of New Season Lamb - view the full recipe here

Rack of New Season Lamb

Basil Cauliflower Steaks - view the full recipe here

Basil Cauliflower Steaks

Is your roast dinner Instagram worthy?

While diners have always first eaten with their eyes, the popularity of social media has made flawless food presentation the expectation for the restaurant dining experience. Food photos dominate Instagram, influencing thousands to share photos of dishes. The pressure to be “Insta-worthy” has led many restaurants to rethink menu items and decor to better serve the photo-happy guests coming through the door.

Click here to read our social media tips.

Mini splurge?

According to The Food People’s top trends for 2021, consumers are looking for little ways to upgrade everyday rituals. For example, a plain back coffee gets upgraded to an iced coffee with a salted caramel foam or a Friday night steak dinner is padded out with bone marrow gravy and truffle fries.

At Essential, we’re all about upgrading, find some of our favourite luxury sauces below:

Duck and Orange Sauce - view the full recipe here

Duck and Orange Sauce

Poivrade Sauce - view the full recipe here

Poivrade Sauce

Chasseur Sauce - view the full recipe here

Chasseur Sauce

What does your roast dinner look like? We’d love you to tag us on Twitter and Instagram!

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Sources: Kantar, Mintel, Book A Table, Morning Advertiser, Love British Food, Up Serve, The Food People

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