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The casual vegetarian... what does this mean?

7th May 2021

Flexitarianism or ‘casual vegetarianism’ is an increasingly popular, plant-based diet that claims to reduce your carbon footprint and improve your health with an eating regime that’s mostly vegetarian yet still allows for the occasional meat dish. The rise of the flexitarian diet is a result of people taking a more environmentally sustainable approach to what they eat by reducing their meat consumption in exchange for alternative protein sources.

BBC Good Food interviewed Registered Dietitian, Emer Delaney to get her advice on some of the best alternative sources of protein. “Lentils, beans, peas, nuts and seeds are all excellent sources of protein whilst helping you to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.” “When people do choose to eat meat, opting for good quality lean meat is best such as chicken or turkey”.

Based on these recommendations, our team of chefs have selected some mouth-watering dishes, perfect for your plant based menu.

BBQ Lentil Stuffed Tomatoes - view the full recipe here

BBQ Lentil Stuffed Tomatoes

Vegan Plant Pot Pie - view the full recipe here

Vegan Plant Pot Pie

Vegan Burritos - view the full recipe here

Vegan Burritos

Tofu Poke Bowl - view the full recipe here

Tofu Poke Bowl

Garden Pea and Mint Soup - view the full recipe here

Garden Pea and Mint Soup

Charred Aubergine Mexican Salad - view the full recipe here

Charred Aubergine Mexican Salad

Jackfruit Curry - view the full recipe here

Jackfruit Curry

What does your plant based menu look like? We’d love you to tag us on Twitter and Instagram!

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