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Making mealtimes more manageable - Nutrisis Thickener

18th September 2020

Nutrisis Thickener is designed to adapt the texture of meals for nutritional requirements in the event of swallowing (dysphagia), chewing disorders and / or risks of aspiration.

These conditions mean that patients experience difficulties in initiating swallowing and pushing food down the oesophagus. This causes discomfort when food is going down, which sometimes goes into the respiratory tract (aspiration) triggering an expulsion cough. 

Nutrisis Thickener is a practical, easy-to-use solution, producing smooth, even and lump-free dishes, helping you adhere to the IDDSI framework. Simply add the powder to your chosen ingredients and blend. If the desired consistency isn’t achieved, add more product to thicken, or liquify the mixture by adding water or milk (depending on the recipe). Available in 1kg tub, our thickener is suitable for all meal applications; hot, cold, sweet or savoury. 

Chicken Salad - View recipe


Cupcakes with Buttercream Filling - View recipe


Tomato Soup - View recipe


For more information, recipe applications, advice about the IDDSI framework, or tips from our team of chefs, contact advice@essentialcuisine.com or call 01606 541490.

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