Having recently tried your Asian range of stocks they are very authentic stocks close to the real thing, great for Ramens and Noodle pots. I visited Japan last year and especially enjoyed the flavours which your range has replicated, but the Asian range has so many uses rather than just Ramen broths as marinades and glazes. These fit perfectly for the current BBQ trend in the foodie scene.

Jim Wealands, Group Food Development Director, CH&Co Group

The Asian range for me delivers authentic  flavours , giving an edge to any dish. They're versatile and convenient which makes it my one stop I go to.

Simon Quantock, Head Chef, Stowe School

We’ve been using Essential Cuisine now for 8 years, and when they came on the market, I thought they filled a niche very well. Their basic stocks and jus are extremely “essential”. The No1 gravies are absolutely perfect if you run a good gastro pub as, like the rest of Essential Cuisine’s products, they are near perfect. They have a rich depth of flavour and a very good viscosity and shine, as close to kitchen-made as you can get.

Matt Davies, BCF Chairman

Using Essential Cuisine in the kitchen is like having an extra chef Essential Cuisine is exactly what it is, these products are not only fantastic quality but adaptable to ones needs. The ranges are spot on every time and in some cases can reduce the work load for a chef which helps produce the same result every time a dish is executed. The powdered stocks are great as a background flavour or even as a seasoning and with the ranges having very few allergens in them it helps reduce risks.

Martin Luke Pomfret, Head Chef, Bradenham Manor

Everything has to add up, which is why I was also impressed at the yield produced by the stock against some of Essential Cuisine’s more well-known competitors. The bonus in school catering is that you get an even greater yield of stock because children don’t like food that’s too rich. If a scoop makes one litre when you are cooking at home, it’ll make one-and-a-half in schools.

Sue Fletcher-White, Food Education Manager, Colham Manor Primary

Thank you for your help in developing a 'house jus' recipe with us. Your Premier Veal really is an excellent jus base.

Lee Cash, Founder, Peach Pub Co (6 outlet gastro pub chain)

A rep came to visit me from Essential Cuisine about 12 years ago and asked me to try their Chicken Stock and I was just blown away by it. They now have less and less allergens in them, they're diverse products, they capture every market.

Peter Walters, Executive Chef, Keele University

We make our French Onion and Beef soup with Essential’s vegetable stock and use the fish stock in our most popular starter, mussels. The stocks are consistent and enable us to make our own creations with no requirement for a sauces chef. We could be scratch making for up to three days, but with this stock, we can make anything from a couple of dishes to 300 portions in 20 minutes. They are the closest to natural you can get, while other pre-prepared products on the market have bits floating in them, look greasy and don’t have the right consistency.

Adrian Seddon, Head Chef, The Cottons Hotel

When you are a chef, you can judge whether something’s good or not and these are fantastic products that enhance what you are doing. They are the best of their kind on the market and I would personally recommend them.

Dave Edwards, Head Chef, The Hand & Trumpet

Essential Cuisine might be considered a new kid on the block, but this was a completely blind taste test. Coming first in five out of six categories, we now have this company's products listed as the preferred gravies and bouillons across the managed estate.

Paul Drye, Catering Development Manager, St Austell Brewery

We also use the glace range and particularly like the lobster glace, which is excellent and can give extra depth to our own shell oil dressing. Arlyn Blake came in once, in fact, and said our lobster dish was fantastic.

Paul Wedgwood, Chef Proprietor, Wedgwood The Restaurant

We use Essential Cuisine’s stocks, mainly chicken stock, beef stock, vegetable stock and fish stock, in everything from coq au vin and hoi sin sauce for sticky pork belly and Chinese noodles through to vegetarian aubergine and courgette Goan curry.

Martin Spicer, Head Chef, St Leonards-Mayfield School

I believe I was one of the very first chefs to use their [Essential Cuisine] stocks, and, back then, had them couriered down. Today, I won’t entertain any other stock in my kitchen... I love the fact they are so versatile, and, with the recession, I know a lot of other chefs appreciate products having more than one application.

Phil Thomas, Head Chef, Rosewarne Manor

It’s the best range of readymade stocks I’ve found, you just need to know how to use them correctly to maximise on their versatility. As a company, I can’t fault Essential, plus, being Cheshire-based, they are local to me and can offer that more personable approach.

Mark Fletcher, Head Chef, The Mere

When Essential Cuisine came in, we were just getting into the sustainability thing, and, as soon as we did the taste test on the stocks, we knew they were really good.

Mark Williams, Executive Chef, King’s College London