About The Stock People

Once upon a time, many moons ago (well, 1995,) Nigel Crane couldn’t find a high quality manufacturing stock powder that met all his requirements. When he refused to compromise on quality, he decided to make his own.

With a range of just four stock powders, Nigel started his Essential journey, and now, nearly 20 years on, we offer probably the most comprehensive range of stock products in the UK, and service a strong network of wholesalers and an ever growing customer base across both profit and cost sectors.

We offer a range of Stocks, Gravies, Jus, Demi-Glaces and Glaces; all ingredients to inspire you to unleash your creativity, whilst always delivering great taste and performance.

As well as a distinguished career working in some of the country’s top kitchens, Nigel has more than 15 years experience in technical product development, so he knows his stocks!

Take a look at our Essential journey: