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Here at Essential Cuisine, we're proud to provide you and your hard-working team with the best quality stocks, jus, gravies,
demi-glaces & glaces

Providing ingredients that help unleash your creativity, and always deliver great taste. We like to call them ingredients to inspire.

  • Beef Gravy Mix
  • Signature Hollandaise Sauce
  • Signature Beef Jus
  • Lamb Stock Mix
  • Roast Chicken Stock Mix
  • Halal Lamb Flavour Stock Mix
  • Classic Lobster Bisque Mix
  • Chicken Glace
  • Chicken Stock Mix
  • Mushroom Stock Mix
  • Premier Lamb Jus Base
  • Premier Red Wine Jus Base
  • Ham Stock Mix
  • Master Stock Base
  • Duck Glace
  • Pork Glace
  • Veal Glace
  • Vegetable Stock Mix
  • Lobster Glace
  • Savoury Gravy Mix
  • Beef Stock Mix
  • Classic Veal Demi-Glace Mix
  • Premier Veal Jus Base
  • Signature Red Wine Jus
  • Miso Broth Base
  • Light Vegetable Stock Mix
  • Veal Stock Mix
  • Classic Chicken Demi-Glace Mix
  • Beef Glace
  • Lamb Glace
  • Halal Vegetable Flavour Stock Mix
  • Premier Chicken Jus Base
  • Classic Beef Demi-Glace Mix
  • Halal Chicken Flavour Stock Mix
  • Fish Stock Mix
  • Vegetable Mirepoix Glace
  • Game Glace
  • Halal Beef Flavour Stock Mix
  • Wild Mushroom Glace
  • Chicken Gravy Mix
  • Aromatic Stock Base
  • Cheese Stock Base Mix
  • Classic Bechamel Sauce Mix
  • Turkey Stock Mix
  • Signature Chicken Stock Reduction

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What our customers say...

"The Reduced Chicken Stock has excellent taste, colour and consistency, it is perfectly usable as a base consomme direct from the tetrapak, or with any appropriate garnish. It works well for sauces, both brown and cream based, reducing quickly without any deterioration in flavour or concentration of any 'off- notes' that would render it less palatable. It is also very stable, I took it to splitting point and brought it back again with no difficulty."

Gareth Jones, Head Chef, The Wynnstay Hotel

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Discos, Dance-offs and Dead Ringers help Essential Cuisine Get into the Festival Spirit

The saying goes, ‘you’re only 21 once’ and the Essential Cuisine team certainly made their Birthday one to remember, marking 21 years in business with an action-packed day and night of celebrations; the E-Stock Festival.