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Here at Essential Cuisine, we're proud to provide you and your hard-working team with the best quality stocks, jus, gravies,
demi-glaces & glaces

Providing ingredients that help unleash your creativity, and always deliver great taste. We like to call them ingredients to inspire.

  • Cheese Stock Base Mix
  • Chicken Gravy Mix
  • Ham Stock Mix
  • Classic Veal Demi-Glace Mix
  • Classic Chicken Demi-Glace Mix
  • Halal Beef Flavour Stock Mix
  • Premier Lamb Jus Base
  • Fish Stock Mix
  • Chicken Glace
  • Duck Glace
  • Lobster Glace
  • Premier Chicken Jus Base
  • Signature Chicken Stock Reduction
  • Wild Mushroom Glace
  • Halal Vegetable Flavour Stock Mix
  • Halal Chicken Flavour Stock Mix
  • Beef Stock Mix
  • Classic Bechamel Sauce Mix
  • Chicken Stock Mix
  • Signature Red Wine Jus
  • Master Stock Base
  • Turkey Stock Mix
  • Premier Red Wine Jus Base
  • Vegetable Mirepoix Glace
  • Signature Hollandaise Sauce
  • Lamb Stock Mix
  • Veal Glace
  • Aromatic Stock Base
  • Signature Beef Jus
  • Lamb Glace
  • Miso Broth Base
  • Savoury Gravy Mix
  • Light Vegetable Stock Mix
  • Veal Stock Mix
  • Vegetable Stock Mix
  • Classic Beef Demi-Glace Mix
  • Game Glace
  • Beef Gravy Mix
  • Halal Lamb Flavour Stock Mix
  • Premier Veal Jus Base
  • Roast Chicken Stock Mix
  • Beef Glace
  • Mushroom Stock Mix
  • Pork Glace
  • Classic Lobster Bisque Mix

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What our customers say...

"A successful operation also comes down to great support from suppliers across the board. The team at Essential Cuisine are very, very supportive. We can easily call them to ask questions, and they are always happy to oblige us with answers or give us recipe ideas. Nigel has worked at the top and his experience counts for a lot."

Sean Kelly, Executive Chef Marriott Worsley Park

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We supply our products to a growing selection of sectors including the following:

Essential Cuisine Sponsoring Salon Culinaire Great Hospitality Competition

Essential Cuisine is proud to announce once again we will be sponsoring the ‘Teamwork in the Kitchen’ competition held at The Hospitality Show running from 23rd-25th January 2017.