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Here at Essential Cuisine, we're proud to provide you and your hard-working team with the best quality stocks, jus, gravies,
demi-glaces & glaces

Providing ingredients that help unleash your creativity, and always deliver great taste. We like to call them ingredients to inspire.

  • Lamb Glace
  • Veal Glace
  • Turkey Stock Mix
  • Halal Chicken Flavour Stock Mix
  • Premier Veal Jus Base
  • Roast Chicken Stock Mix
  • Vegetable Mirepoix Glace
  • Halal Beef Flavour Stock Mix
  • Pork Glace
  • Classic Beef Demi-Glace Mix
  • Chicken Glace
  • Miso Broth Base
  • Cheese Stock Base Mix
  • Lamb Stock Mix
  • Beef Gravy Mix
  • Premier Lamb Jus Base
  • Signature Red Wine Jus
  • Chicken Stock Mix
  • Duck Glace
  • Halal Vegetable Flavour Stock Mix
  • Vegetable Stock Mix
  • Savoury Gravy Mix
  • Signature Hollandaise Sauce
  • Beef Stock Mix
  • Light Vegetable Stock Mix
  • Beef Glace
  • Mushroom Stock Mix
  • Signature Beef Jus
  • Premier Red Wine Jus Base
  • Classic Veal Demi-Glace Mix
  • Halal Lamb Flavour Stock Mix
  • Fish Stock Mix
  • Classic Chicken Demi-Glace Mix
  • Lobster Glace
  • Game Glace
  • Veal Stock Mix
  • Classic Lobster Bisque Mix
  • Aromatic Stock Base
  • Classic Bechamel Sauce Mix
  • Wild Mushroom Glace
  • Signature Chicken Stock Reduction
  • Premier Chicken Jus Base
  • Chicken Gravy Mix
  • Ham Stock Mix
  • Master Stock Base

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What our customers say...

"We’ve been using Essential Cuisine now for 8 years, and when they came on the market, I thought they filled a niche very well. Their basic stocks and jus are extremely “essential”"

Matt Davies, BCF Chairman

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We supply our products to a growing selection of sectors including the following:

Dorset Junior Chef Storms South West Chef Competition

Monday 20th June saw Gary Kilminster, Business Development Executive here at Essential Cuisine, judge the Dorset semi-final of South West Junior Chef of the Year.